Managed services for cloud, database, and infrastructure, backed by our commitment to guaranteed satisfaction at a fixed-price.

What We Offer

Unparalleled customer service and guaranteed satisfaction at a fixed-price.

We understand the importance of cost predictability and peace of mind. That’s why the price we agree upon at the start of your service never changes. BraveSoft’s commitment to a fixed price, regardless of the time spent managing your IT environments, along with guaranteed customer satisfaction, ensures that you can focus on your business’s growth and efficiency without any burdens.

Up to a 65% cost reduction using BraveSoft's services vs in-house
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The estimated annual hours saved utilizing BraveSoft's services
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What We Do

Streamlined business operations and support responsibilities with an experienced and trusted provider. Explore our customer-focused solutions:

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Brave Manage™

A complete, all-in-one approach to managing your organizations’s cloud, database, and software applications.

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Brave Support™

Comprehensive, reliable, and fast support for your business’s complex  IT environments.

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Brave Consult™

Assessments, strategy, and recommendations based on your unique challenges and goals.

Brave Protect™

Cutting-edge security solutions built to safeguard against both known and emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

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Brave Monitor™

Around-the-clock monitoring and detection of database, cloud, and software issues before they arise.

What We Guarantee

Fixed Pricing

Customizable Contracts

A Team of Experts

Exceptional Customer Service

24x7x365 Support

Customer Satisfaction

High Uptime

Increased Stability

Fast Onboarding

What to Expect Next

Meet with Our Team

Meet with out team of experts to discuss your business’s strategic IT goals.

Choose Your Services

Choose from our list of services to determine which fit your distinct objectives.

Get Predictable Pricing

Learn your fixed, monthly cost unaffected by time spent managing your environment.

Begin Onboarding

Start onboarding with your dedicated support engineer and account manager.

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