Oracle Third-Party Support

Reduce Costs with Best-in-class Oracle Third-Party Support

No forced upgrades, updates, patching and migrations.

Receive better service, experience responsive support.

Apply cost savings to more strategic business initiatives.

Take control of your own roadmap for business-driven IT

Support Cost Reduction

Reduce Yearly Support Fee Costs
1 %
Remove Forced Upgrade Internal Costs
1 %

Reclaim your Roadmap for your Oracle Database Software Investment

Companies and its CIO are often under continuing pressure to cut costs or deliver more with fewer resources. CIOs can use the concept of third party support roadmap as a device for enterprise’s IT cost optimization initiatives. Gain control of your roadmap decisions and remove the struggles to find budget and resources to meet this mandate. 

  1. What is your five-year strategy?
  2. What is the business justification for future investment in a new release or upgrade?
  3. Review the realities of security patching.
  4. Review short-term cost or a long-term financial relief goals
  5. Review current vendor support response for high priority issues 
  6. Evaluate options, cost savings, risks and scenario planning.

Support for Release versions: 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, and 12c

Editions: Enterprise, standard, standard edition one (in conjunction with extended ERP applications and standalone)

What is Oracle Third Party Support?

Third-party support is a comprehensive alternative to vendor support, such as Oracle, offered by a company that did not create the software. Third-party support costs at least 50% less, extends the lifespan of your on-premise system, accommodates customizations, avoids obligatory upgrades or patches, and delivers enhanced customer-focused services through a dedicated support team.

With our Third-party software support for Oracle on-premise software you can expect better services through a dedicated team with guaranteed response times.  Our SLA guarantee delivers on superior issue response, resolution fixes, business continuity and reduced costs while avoiding vendor lock-in. Our support replaces the vendors support even though we are not the the software authors. You can expect to reduce your costs by 50%, while extending the life of your on-premise system without forced upgrades.  Support is available for any Oracle on-premise enterprise or infrastructure product set, including the latest release versions. 

Ask ourselves these key questions regarding your current paid support 

  • How much of your IT budget is eaten up by annual vendor maintenance fees?
  • Are you getting the best possible deal on your support and maintenance costs
  • Are you getting pushy sales tactics from vendors to move to towards upgrades and/or their respective Clouds, regardless of whether you had those changes defined in your roadmap?

Avoid disruptive upgrades

Choose if and when you upgrade.  Consider the return on investment you’d achieve from running your current application or database for 10 plus years without expensive and disruptive upgrades.


Expect to save at least 60% on your current vendor annual maintenance fees for Enterprise software for accrue savings by reduced annual maintenance fees but also with upgrade avoidance

receive superior support

24/7 support, with a dedicated account manager . Expect rapid response and resolution SLAs for all incidents (unlike vendor support). Missed SLAs, we’ll refund you with credits.

Reclaim your IT Roadmap

It’s time to realize that it’s your company’s IT roadmap that you should have control, not the software vendors control. Our roadmap can help you figure out what you’re getting per your existing cost, what a new  budget can provide your IT goals as you use your money to invest in strategic initiatives that will improve your company’s bottom line.

Are you getting the expected value?

Software vendor support costs have continued to rise, their level of customer service has steadily declined. When you contact software vendor support about a problem, they might advise you to upgrade or implement a service pack that combines other non-related fixes, putting you at unwarranted and unnecessary risk.

Third-Party Support Means Considerable Cost Reductions

Third-party support guarantees to cut your existing Oracle Support fee by at least 50%. Therefore, if you replaced vendor annual support fees to our support model. In our example:

  • Lets supposes your paying $400,000 a year on support fees; With our support you would pay $200,000.
  • At the end of ten years, you would have paid $2,000,000 in support fees with us versus paying them $4,000,000 

– An amazing cost saving of $2,000,000 for your IT budget.

Roadmap Planning

A roadmap that dictates specifically how vendor technology can be best used with goals to improve support and reduce costs but still maintain the business strategy of the investment and help drive businesses priorities over the next 2-10 years.

Achieve higher percent total savings in your IT budget.

Apply cost savings towards future IT challenges.

Remove the limits of vendor services and lower quality experiences.

Escape the expensive self-service support vendors provide you.

Perspective is Power

Technology intelligence is changing the way organizations manage their IT software. With BraveSoft, we perform a discovery on how your software is being used. Then we provide guidance and map out a roadmap to allow you to gain control and optimize your budget. Elevating IT to a level of agility and change to a better model for the organization.

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