BraveSoft's Approach:

Uptime & Stability
With One Trusted Partner

We understand how crucial it is for your organization to experience high uptime, increased stability, and exceptional customer support. Put an end to worries about downtime and focus on growing your business.

By partnering with BraveSoft your organization will gain a seasoned team of support engineers.​

As our business grows, so do our IT requirements, which are in constant flux. With BraveSoft's comprehensive support and reduced IT costs, we are able to focus on business operations.

The Top 4 Reasons to Partner with BraveSoft:

  • Advanced Monitoring & Observability

    Our proactive approach to monitoring allows for seamless, uninterrupted operations to minimize downtime and increase stability.

  • Unrivaled SLA in the Industry

    We offer top-tier SLAs, with a 10-minute guarantee for Priority 1 cases and an average of less than 4-minute response times for high-severity incidents.

  • Dedicated Support Engineer & Account Manager

    A support engineer who is always up to speed when an issue arises with no context building necessary, and a regionally-based account manager to work behind the scenes on your behalf.

  • Predictable Pricing

    We offer our partners a fixed, monthly cost unaffected by time spent managing your environment — no more unexpected fees and variable monthly bills.

Our Process of Engagement

Partnering with us is as simple as our approach. Here’s what to expect:

Meet with Our Team

Meet with out team of experts to discuss your business’s strategic IT goals.

Choose Your Services

Choose from our list of services to determine which fit your distinct objectives.

Get Predictable Pricing

Learn your fixed, monthly cost unaffected by time spent managing your environment.

Begin Onboarding

Start onboarding with your dedicated support engineer and account manager.

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