Microsoft BI & Reporting

Our expertise will help improve your organization's BI investment


We provide complete consulting on Microsoft BI products including selection, installation, and configuration. Furthermore, we provide data modeling best practices and analytical design. We deliver services on:



Data Mart design

Power BI

Analytics Requirements

BI Subject area planning

Dimension/Fact Design

ETL Design

ETL jobs monitoring & support

We provide complete consulting and support on Microsoft BI products including selection, installation, and configuration.

Service Support Features

Furthermore, we provide data modeling best practices based on Kimball Methodology. Our experts can help you integrate products and extend products through application development. Microsoft Power BI is one of the most empowering data analytics tools for establishing and nurturing a more modern, data-driven culture. Whether you’re using it on desktop or mobile, ensuring that your BI solution is properly implemented, maintained, and managed is crucial to achieving the actionable insights your business needs to succeed. This platform allows you to visualize the data with the help of live reports and dashboards.

Performance Management

Patching & Migration

O/S Configuration

Health Checks

Deployment & Scaling

Monitoring & Alerts

Backup Management

Proactive Support

We understand why your critical business services are so important to your daily operations. This is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support your initiatives. Building a managed services with consulting, coupled with an aggressive preventative maintenance component, ensures optimum performance for your business applications.

Our support goes beyond  the typical break/fix and up/down type issues. We include Tier 0-3 levels of support levels.  Expect day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of databases for more efficient and effective data usage. We include stability improvement,  performance tuning, compliance response, licensing reviews and scalability strategies to name a few to ensure that your database and associated applications are available 24/7.

Better Support Model

Our proactive BI tools support services serves as an extension of your in-house IT team or replaces internal support.

  • Prioritize your most impactful business processes and objectives
  • Identify supporting technology, design and architecture
  • Deliver customized data design to support BI and DWH
  • Migrate, install, configure, customize and integrate your applications and data
  • Support with ongoing migration, installation, configuration, customization, development and data integration 

We tailor our support to meet your specific requirements as it relates your business and application requirements.  BraveSoft’s support solutions ensure solid response of incidents, change requests, service requests and tasks, with a focus on  customer service. Our value-add services means your  databases and data will be in good hands.

Advanced Monitoring

With our fully managed monitoring solution we provide customized alerts with thresholds tuning and metric capture for trending analytics all of your database technologies and its supporting infrastructure all in one place. We provide the ability to know when critical changes and incidents are occurring. and actively check common database and operating system metrics. We monitor integration availability and network endpoints that affect the database and applications. Your internal team will get access and see what we see per customized dashboards for a full view of your assets via a “single pane of glass”.

SLA Response for Severity Issues

Minute SLA for Severity 1 Incidents
Hour Regular Update Communications
Minute on Average Incident Response
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