You Depend on Software,
We Deliver on Support™


A unified, fixed-price approach to IT managed services and professional support.

Brave Manage™

Streamline and simplify your databases and cloud with our unified, fixed-price approach to managed services. Thoughtfully designed to address your distinct business demands without dependency or limitations.

Brave Support™

Discover top-tier enterprise software product support with Brave Support™ – integrated, thorough, lightning-fast, and tailored to your organization’s needs.

Explore our robust portfolio of managed IT services.

Managed Services

Our experienced DBA engineers manage the challenges of handling critical data 24/7 with proactive support.


Improved network performance and cost-efficiency with seamless NOC-as-a-Service implementation.

Third Party Support

Replace conventional vendor support and save up to 65% on overall software support expenses.

Cloud Migrations

Leverage the cloud's power to achieve uninterrupted and seamless data transitions for your organization.


Our Managed SIEM/SOC ensures network security with full control over information and event management.

Cloud Management

Maximize your company's potential by choosing the optimal cloud approach for OCI, GCP, AWS, and Azure.

BI/Data Warehouse

Harness the power of your company's data with swift and impactful intelligence and visualization.

Oracle EBS Solutions

Solutions to guarantee that your Oracle E-Business Suite systems are operating at their full potential.

OS Support

Seamless updates, troubleshooting, and security, ensuring optimal system performance and efficiency.

Our company is growing and our IT needs are constantly evolving, but with BraveSoft, we never have to worry about our systems going down."

Kevin F. - VP of Infrastructure and Operations


The BraveSoft Approach

At BraveSoft, we prioritize technology and delivering exceptional customer support. Our passion lies in assisting companies to maximize their investments by guiding them through strategic planning and determining the best path forward.

Proactive, Not Reactive

BraveSoft's proactive support team prevents problems by monitoring and maintaining a smooth operational environment.

Architected for Resiliency

BraveSoft's thorough analysis forms the foundation for constructing systems with unmatched reliability and resilience.

Streamlined Operations

Our streamlined operations enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and free up valuable resources for your organization.

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