Oracle BI PublisherReport Development for Programmers and Administrators

On-Site Training: $2,700 per day; Up To 10 studentsDuration: 3 DaysCourse Code: OR8152

Course Description

Oracle BI Publisher is a new tem plate-based publishing solution available within the Oracle Business suite, PeopleSoft, and standalone. Students familiar with desktop tools such as Adobe Acrobat, EXCEL and Microsoft Word will learn to create and maintain their own reports via the BI Publisher architecture. This class will cover the different options available within the BI Publisher Enterprise reporting portal and how to create BI Publisher Enterprise online reporting application from scratch.


Delegates should have a good knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL. The course is suitable for Programmers, Technical Consultant, Business Intelligence Developer and Application Developers.

Course Topics


  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Overview
  • BI Reporting Overview
  • Describe the Oracle XML technology stack
  • Describe the uses of Oracle BI Publisher
  • Describe the advantages of Oracle BI Publisher

BI Publisher Components

  • RTF Report Development
  • Creating Users and Data Sources
  • Report Development Server

Building The First Report

  • RTF Report Development Template Builder
  • Text Form Fields and Simplified XML Tags
  • Essential XML for BI Publisher Developers
  • Formatting Reports
  • Uploading Templates

Meeting Common Business Reporting Requirements

  • Master Detail Formats
  • Sorts
  • Cross Tab Reports
  • Header / Footer
  • Creating Parameters based on User Input
  • Lists of Values (LOVs) includes Dates
  • Report Parameters
  • Sums
  • Conditional Formatting

Advanced BI Publisher Features

  • Data Templates
  • What to Avoid with Data Templates Performance Killers
  • Extended Functions
  • Variables
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Multiple Data Sets Per Page
  • Oracle Reports Conversion
  • Pivot table formatting concepts

Administration, Scheduling and Analysis Tools

  • Analyzer
  • Excel Analyzer
  • Administration of the app server
  • Security (User and Roles)
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Bursting

Integration with OBIEE

  • Create a BI Publisher report from a BI Answers request
  • Create a BI Publisher report from the BI Server
  • Add BI Publisher reports to BI Interactive Dashboards