We Save you Money Full Time In-House DBA vs. BraveSoft Remote DBA Service

Your Internal DBA Costs

Costs of an In House DBA

Executives everywhere are looking for ways to cut their fiscal outlay associated with technology services. An uncertain economy is shrinking budgets, and technology leaders are faced with hard decisions. The cost of an in house DBA creates fiscal challenges.

BraveSoft Remote DBA Advantage

Expect 40 - 60% Cost Savings

When you hire BraveSoft as your DBA there are no costs above and beyond the service fee. Our business model is focused on being the DBA for your company, yet we provide a fixed monthly cost. No hidden or extra costs. Budget vs. Actual becomes manageable.

Looking to Hire a Skilled DBA

Retaining or training your skilled professionals can get expensive. Attracting highly skilled staff in competitive IT markets is not always the most cost-effective solution to meet your business demands. Justifying a full time DBA, not to mention they may leave. DBA turnover is time consuming and can be detrimental to your company's database support.

We Eliminate All Database Support Worries

By working with our clients as partners and providing blended solutions to their needs, our DBA staff knows the importance of their role and seek to fulfill their position because they know the work is challenging, rewarding, and will change from day to day. We provide peace of mind that your systems are protected.

Over / Under worked DBA

Many DBA's are either overworked or underutilized! Which is yours? Many are simply not utilized to their fullest potential, so they will leave the company for something more challenging. If they are overworked then there is a higher chance of mistakes and stress. 60% of a DBA's workday is spent on repetitive and mundane tasks.

We Deliver Efficient Support as a Service

It's simple; We have a team of Senior Level DBA's and we ensure that we have the right number of people to balance our clients needs. We also match our team's skills to our client requirements which ensures job satisfaction and productivity. Consider our DBA's as an extension of your IT department, but at a fraction of the cost.

Source Salary.com; HR reported data as of November 2009. 75% percentile salary at $96,915

Expense In House Our Solution Benefits
Salary $84,588 $50,000 $38,588 Savings
Bonuses $2,363 $0 No Cost
Healthcare $5,722 $0 No Cost
401k / 403b $1,130 $0 No Cost
Social Security $6,652 $0 No Cost
Over Time Pay $11,370 $0 No Overtime with BraveSoft
Training $5,000 $0 Included
Yearly Expense Total $116,825 $50,000 $66,825 Annual Savings
Monthly Expense Total $9,735 $4,166 $5,569 Per Month Savings
Total Savings $66,825 or 57% Saving Annually over a FTE
Availability 8am-5pm; 5 days 24 hrs, 7 days Full time team for your IT Group
Vacation 2-3 weeks - 0 - We don't take vacations
Sick and Personal / Holiday 7 days - 0 - No sick days. No Holidays
DBA Monitor Tools $5,000 - $75,000 - 0 - Included