Oracle Application ExpressRapid Web Application Development Tool for the Oracle Database

On-Site Training: $2,700 per day; Up To 10 studentsDuration: 4 DaysCourse Code: OR8151

Course Description

Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. Using only a web browser and limited programming experience, you can develop and deploy professional applications that are both fast and secure. In this course you will be introduced to rapid web application development using Oracle APEX. You also learn advance programming concepts and deployment techniques. The course will help you understand best practices that you can apply at your work and in real world Oracle APEX based applications.


Delegates should have a good knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL. Basic understanding of HTML. The course is suitable for Programmers, Technical Consultant, Web and Application Developers.

Course Topics

Introduction to Application Express

  • Key features of Application Express
  • Understanding Application Express Architecture
  • Application Express components
  • Using the Object Browser
  • Using SQL Command Processor
  • Using the Query Builder
  • Using the SQL Script Repository
  • Query the Data Dictionary
  • Data Import/Export Utility
  • Using other Application Express Utilities
  • Introduction to Application Builder
  • Creating an application from scratch
  • Creating an application using Spreadsheet data
  • Review sample Applications

Building Web Pages and Components

  • Introduction to the Application Page Layout
  • Developer Toolbar
  • Page Attributes
  • Page Regions
  • Page Rendering and Processing
  • Region Attributes
  • Adding Page Items, Images and Buttons
  • LOVs - Static and Dynamic
  • Using Page and Application Items
  • Understand branching and URL syntax
  • Using Images, Graphs (HTML, SVG and Flash) and Calendars
  • Adding Help and Comments to a Page
  • Shared Components That Aid Navigation
  • Trees, List Region, Breadcrumbs and Navigation Bar
  • Parent and Standard Tabs
  • Session State Management

Building a Web Application

  • Creating Forms and Reports
  • Create a Report Using a Wizard
  • Caching
  • Interactive Reports
  • Advance reporting techniques
  • Edit Report Attributes
  • Report layout and pagination
  • Export a Report as a CSV or XML file
  • Enhanced Report Printing, PDF download and BI Publisher
  • Create a Report Linked to a Form
  • Create a Tabular Form
  • Build a Master/Detail Form
  • Procedure based Form
  • Dynamic PL/SQL with APEX
  • APEX ITEM Package

Advance Concepts, Administration and Deployment

  • Working with CLOBs and BLOBs (Uploading and Downloading techniques)
  • Managing Application Themes and Templates
  • Uploading and using CSS in Apex
  • Advance Programming concepts
  • JAVA Script
  • Web Services
  • Using Application Express APIs
  • Packaging application and supporting objects
  • Import and Export Your Application
  • Managing Workspaces and Repository
  • Review Application Express report

Application Security

  • Creating and managing users
  • APEX Authentication and Authorization
  • Monitoring Workspace and Development activity

APEX Best Practices

  • Debugging / Troubleshooting
  • APEX in a DEV, TEST and PROD Environment
  • Version Control Management
  • Custom Themes
  • Design Communication