BraveSoft Methodology for Oracle Business Intelligence

Holistic views of the enterprise should be the focal point of why BI is important to an organization. When we are limited to only focusing on technology tools and the delivery mechanisms then we can loose sight of the true goals of BI for measureable success. What is right for the enterprise decision making involves qualitative and quantitative analysis and business leaders need to make smart decisions based on valid views to improve performance for long term planning.

Its important to define milestones to deliver on expectations and maintain transparency, yet at the same time, we must be flexible and ready to adapt to changes. This translates to be being agile, which is a key component for any BI initiative.

At BraveSoft we have holistic view and agile approach to Business Intelligence deployment so that we meet the expected requirements and at the same time we are able to respond to changes.

An important component of our BI methodology is how we defined the framework that guides our BI projects step-by-step along business needs analysis, data, technical and metadata development paths. Using this proven methodology provides:

  • Reduced risk
  • Minimized surprises
  • Concentration on readiness, strategy, direction, execution and impact