Benefit DetailsCost Efficiencies of Remote DBA services

Business Need and Justification

Many companies must pay for a full-time DBA in order to ensure that their systems stay up and running. The amount of work, however, to ensure this stability may not always justify a full-time, in-house resource. Alternatively, some companies have excellent technical resources on staff, but would like additional or supplemental expert assistance to bolster support for certain critical database systems. We are successful in both environments and many others.

Our Remote DBA service greatly reduces the typical costs associated with database administration. Many times the return on investment is apparent even before we engage. Reasons to Outsource Your DBA Needs:

  • Avoid overburdening current staff
  • Mitigate workload peaks
  • Fill skill gaps
  • Ensure Recoverability
  • Reduced Maintenance and Support Fees


Planning and Transition to Remote DBA

At the beginning of an engagement, BraveSoft team members are introduced to key stakeholders and your IT staff associated with your databases and applications. We validate the engagement scope and confirm your service expectations. In collaboration with you, we develop the project planning artifacts and finalize the transition plan.